Adela Fernández Tejera
First of all, I want to emphasize that it is a team of great professionals, friendly and attentive, I have been a client for many years, I had 5 implants and everything was perfect, my daughters have great teeth, and my partner is in the process of getting semi-fixed teeth . Javier the manager always advises the best option and if financing is necessary it will always be the most beneficial for his client. You feel in the best hands.
Alba Calderón
I fixed my entire mouth with them and I was delighted with the results and the treatment. Very professional and very good service.
Alba Jimenez Vizarraga
My sister has had her orthodontics done here and it has been spectacular, her orthodontist, the orthodontics team is professional and enjoyable.
And now I also wear mine, they have helped me finance it and all the services of 10
Albert Bosch Carrión
I have been in treatment for almost two years. Excellent results despite the difficulty. Magnificent treatment by all the staff. Highlight Doctor Restepo and Laura Paz for their dedication and attention.
Alberto Garcia Vadillo
Torroella de Montgrí
Unbeatable treatment, and a pleasant attention
Ana Maria Benitez
They have attended me three times this week and the truth is that I am very happy with the entire team, including the administration. Doctor Paula has very good hands to reconstruct pieces. A hug for everyone!!
Anika R.C
Torroella de Montgrí
Great treatment, young and super professional team, and a great job!!!
I had to have a tooth extracted in poor condition right at the beginning of my vacation... if it hadn't been for your speed and attention, the trip and those days there would not have been pleasant at all.
Thanks guys!!!
Recommended 100%!!!!
Ariani Lorena García Martínez
All excellent. I was really happy, both the dr., as well as the technician, as well as the director of the clinic, wonderful! Super good attention and service. I totally recommend them. 10/10
Very good treatment and professionalism. Paola and Laly are a love! Super recommended!
Bilal Boutarfas
I do orthodontics with Dr. Rina Restrepo. She takes care of me very well together with her team. I recommend it. Demi is the cane
Bruno Versaille
Super welcome and competence... My wife went there urgently a week ago for a dental abscess... adequate care and excellent care... Bravo and thank you.
Carla Martín Pérez
Girona Santa Eugènia
I have started orthodontics with them 4 months ago. They have made me very competitive prices and we have been able to finance the treatment. Both the Dr and Dra who have treated me very professionally.
Carme Coma Sánchez
Excellent treatment and good professionals. Recommendable!
Carmen Blanco
Excellent attention, they take the time to explain to you, the first time I already have a date to start my treatment. You should not pay everything at the same time, there are facilities. I loved the attention and the first consultation was a show. Thank you Mr. Javier
Carmen Glawe
The team and the dentist are very professional. I have two fixings for the next tooth in one tooth, which broke here on vacation, the problem was fixed there, and the fixing was restored beautifully, which is not necessarily common. The invoice amount is specified and paid in advance, which is reasonable. There was also a guarantee. Always when something happens. Thanks, that saved my vacation
Christoph Fendt
Top dentist - fast diagnosis and fast help - only a short waiting time - cheap price - immediately again!
Cris M.
Fast and efficient service
Dania Trinitat
Yesterday I had 2 teeth removed I was dying of pain and I am one of those people who is afraid of the dentist, but when I got to the clinic everything changed the truth they treated me very well and the doctor is a crack and a professional. I haven't felt anything at all. Highly recommended.
Thank you
Daniel Torres
Girona Santa Eugènia
The truth came from comments from a friend and I was pleasantly surprised, excellent treatment and impeccable advice, thank you very much without a doubt they will be recommended
Davinia Fernández
I have fixed all my mouth with them and delighted the truth.
Delphine Guidetti - Berguirol
Very welcoming clinic, easy communication, clear explanations. We recommend without hesitation. Thank you for your welcome and your advice.
Demian Larrañeta
Very attentive, from the assistants to the doctors, and Carlos explains the treatments very well and gives you many facilities to pay for the treatments, well, if you have to fix your mouth, go to implantdent who give you solutions and facilities for everyone pockets and above all great professionals.
Doina Macovei
Torroella de Montgrí
Good people, good treatment and great professionals, 100% recommended.
Eduardo Simó León
I have been a customer for many years. I have always been well cared for and with the impression that you can trust his diagnosis. Also highlight the friendliness of the staff, long hours and super competitive price.
Elisabeth Garcia
I am very happy with the company and since I walked through the door as the receptionist, office, doctor, etc. I recommend it, they are very professional and they get very involved, I would repeat!
Grecia Pérez
Girona Santa Eugènia
Very good clinic, I had an implant more than 10 years ago and it was great!!!! I wish there was in Valencia, that I have moved.
Grup Arts
Girona Santa Eugènia
The fact that I always see the same doctors gives me a lot of confidence
Henny Kruizinga
What a lovely and knowledgeable team.
Make an appointment on June 6th and then it closed sadly for nothing.
Hernandez CC
Girona Santa Eugènia
The best dentist in Girona! After having so much fear of dentists, these are the best after having more than 6 dentists... this is the best!
Imma Martínez
Girona Santa Eugènia
Correct experience, good professionals and good treatment.
Ivan Hernández Porcel
They have treated me very professionally. I have had several treatments and I am very happy.
Ivan Soles Fornells
To the entire implant team and especially to Dr. Rina Restrepo, thank you for your great professionalism, empathy, personal treatment, efficiency... Thank you very much to all of this great team
They have been treating me at the implantdent clinic for a long time and so far all the treatments have done me very well with great professionalism and delicacy. I highly recommend it and I thank the entire team that has assisted me.
Jesús Cuesta
Very friendly and professional treatment. The clinina staff explained the treatment to me perfectly and everything went according to plan
Joan Isac
I have been very satisfied with the orthodontic treatment, the result has been incredible. The price - quality is very good and there are also payment facilities.
Without a doubt, it is the best clinic that my family and I have been to and that we will continue to go to.
Thank you very much to the medical team and especially to you Javier for the recommendations and your advice.
Joan Josep Morales Riera
Girona Migdia
The dentist is very attentive and very professional.
Joana Alfonzo Cugurra
Everything is great! I've been with them for years, I've had orthodontics and I come back every year! I recommend it
Joneide Noda
My experience has been excellent, it has a very professional team, they know what they are doing! It has designed me a beautiful smile... thanks to the entire team at Implantdent Empuriabrava!
Jordi Pérez
Girona Santa Eugènia
Very good professionals, and they are also very fast with the treatments, they are totally trustworthy
Jose García García
Girona Santa Eugènia
They recommended me this Girona clinic in Sta Eugenia. I had to get a prosthesis on implants. And I have been very happy and satisfied with the work they have done for me. Good professionals and specialists in implants. They did not cause me any pain and a highly recommended clinic.
Jose Ruda Gallardo
Girona Migdia
I have been very satisfied, they are very professional!!
Josep Gallardo
I have just started a complete treatment to fix my entire mouth including orthodontics. From the beginning they have advised me and advised me on the steps to follow. I am very happy with the attention, follow-up and professionalism of the entire Implandent Palafrugell team. Thank you.
Juan Enrique Maza Domingo
I am from Barcelona, while on vacation near Roses I needed an orthodontic intervention and this Clinic was recommended to me. I went with some suspicion, but I have been very pleasantly surprised. I am over 80 years old and I know what I am talking about. His intervention was professional and impeccable personal treatment. It gives me great security to have your services outside of Barcelona. Thank you.
Juan Manuel de la Torre
I want to thank the Implantent team and especially Javier, since I decided on this clinic after visiting others, for the treatment he received from day one, for his advice and for his facilities for everything. I got orthodontics, and the result has been spectacular! The team is very professional, they give you a lot of security and at the same time the treatment is familiar and close. I totally recommend it
They are very good and have great staff. Cordial treatment and above all professionals!
Keider Murillo Mosquera
I have been a patient of Implantdent Figueres for many years. Very close, familiar and above all very professional treatment. I have been very satisfied with each and every one of them. I recommend it without a doubt.
Keyla Pamela Uriña
Very happy with the service and the truth is very satisfied with the results! Many thanks for everything!
Laura Cerezo Tudela
They have treated us very well, thank you very much for attending us in emergencies, very good and personal treatment! Very professional!
Lis Kemm
I am very satisfied. Had a teeth cleaning. The staff is very competent and super nice. The dentist took his time and tried very hard. The result is great and the process was painless. Even after the treatment, I did not have a burning sensation or an uncomfortable sensation in my mouth, as before when I had my teeth cleaned in Germany.
I will definitely go there again. 100% recommended.
Lizeth R.
Very happy with my orthodontic treatment, I have little left for you to remove my brakers! But from now on I can appreciate the excellent results.
Lorena Bucciarelli
Great treatment and excellent service, I will repeat for sure, I am very happy with the results
Lya Arico
Good morning!! An excellent service, very professional and the whole team very friendly, I will return without hesitation. Thank you very much for your sympathy and professionalism.
Marina Mateu Moreno
Torroella de Montgrí
Excellent treatment. Very happy with the staff, care and work of the entire team at Implantdent Torroella de Montgrí. 100% recommendable.
Mathis Barrault
Great clinic, serious and very helpful team. Dr. Lenny goes to great lengths to ensure that procedures are performed in the best possible manner, pain free, and with the best results.
I really recommend it
Melanie B.
What a great friendly team! I am so happy that I visited this practice. The team took great care of me and helped me. They explained everything very kindly to me with their knowledge of German and mobile phone translator and the ladies took very good care of me and my problem as well as the solution, not to make money and for example just did the most expensive treatment well . out. Thanks again for the vacation rescue!
Torroella de Montgrí
Great attention and professionalism thank you
Mick Espinales
I have visited several clinics and in this one the treatment is exceptional, they are always aware of your well-being and they inform you of all possible details, from the reception to the box the service is excellent!
Milagros Zamora Quiñones
Girona Santa Eugènia
It is as if it were my other home, excellent care, all friendly staff, very happy with my treatment, I will not change my clinic!
Miquel Robles
Professional treatment, attentive and very friendly staff. Good dental work, very satisfied with the result.
Moisés Abreu
I just left the clinic a few hours ago and I can say that it is the best of all, very good treatment from all its staff, they are quite friendly and above all very serious and sincere, they do not deceive the client by saying one thing for another to get a benefit They tell you what you need and point, no more, no less.

They have many facilities when it comes to wanting to do any treatment, things that other clinics do not provide to the patient.

And finally, regarding the hygiene of the clinic, it can be said that 100%.
Montse Carrillo Vacas
My family and I have always been patients of Implantdent Figueres. We are very happy and satisfied with the treatment received by each and every one of the team that forms the clinic. Also for the results obtained both in general dentistry and, above all, in the results obtained in Orthodontics. A very professional and friendly team. I recommend it and, obviously, we will continue to trust and go with you. Thank you!!!
Nora Bendahmane
A wonderful team! Very good customer service, professionalism is evident. Thanks to Génesis, Javier and Aura for this splendid morning
O. Ur
After a bad experience in another clinic in Palamós I decided to try here. All perfect. Very friendly and familiar treatment.
Osoloco López
Torroella de Montgrí
A very pleasant place, attended by excellent professionals, highly recommended, visit it.
Ovidio Omar Téllez Aguirre
Girona Santa Eugènia
Good treatment, I already had an implant 5 years ago and everything was perfect. Now they are giving me another treatment and there is good treatment, cordial and humane.
Patrice Rolland
Very well received, very efficient staff and dentist.
To recommend
Patricia Pedre
We are from Galicia, we were on vacation and we had to go to this emergency clinic, they understood the situation and they treated us very quickly, everything was perfect, kindness, professionalism, unbeatable treatment
Many thanks for everything
Patricia Rosario Lloret Romero
It is a clinic that prioritizes good treatment and the final result. All perfect!
Girona Santa Eugènia
Excellent atention.
Pedro Martín Mallol
Good professionals, very personal treatment and doctors, especially Dr. Yésica and Mireia, the girl at the reception, very good people and better treatment in general
Rafael Coma
Clinic with a good atmosphere, very attentive workers and good results. Place to go if something bothers you in the mouth in roses.
Rafael Hijano
We are very happy with the clinic, the treatment is very close and pleasant. They have advised us with the treatments that we are doing with them, we have a 9-year-old girl who is delighted every time she goes! They are professionals and adapt to schedules to make an appointment. Thanks for everything!
Ramiro Sebastián Gordillo
Torroella de Montgrí
Excellent treatment... everyone is very attentive, especially Mr. matias! Thank you very much for his attention!
Raul Dor
Excellent and unbeatable human team. Apart from the optimal quality of the treatments, I would like to highlight the professionalism and care of Dr. Restrepo and Laura Paz. best impossible team
Richard Toral
Good job of dental cleaning the treatment is very good 100% reliable recommended
Roberto Joaquin Segura
Torroella de Montgrí
I went for a treatment and it went very well, very happy, everyone is very cordial and professional, highly recommended.
Rosa Santiago Pulido
I have to maximize the professionalism, human quality, closeness and affection of all the members of this team, both in direct and indirect care, even outside the clinic. I never thought I would feel so calm about the operation and arrangements for my dental problems!
It is so appreciated that you give that part that is so human and affectionate and understandable with clients, at least with me, that is something that does not come by contract, nor is it signed, that is given as a gift if you are, that quality of person.
Thanks to each and every one of you, even to those of you who have not had direct contact with me, but let us notice and feel that in the essence of your team, you maintain and take care of that!
Thank you.
Ruth Lopez Miras
I am happy with my results despite the difficulty and time. I had full invisalign done and the forecast was almost 2 years but with the pandemic and everything in between it delayed me a little more. But now I can say that I have an almost perfect smile. The treatment from minute 1 has been super correct and all of them are professionals.
Sandra Gregory Pastor
Fantastic, friendly from the receptionists to the director, super professional, attentive to everything. I don't like going to the dentist but here with my eyes closed
Saray López Torres
My family and I have been customers for many years. When you have children, the most important thing, apart from professionalism, is the attention they give them, in both things they are the best. His staff is attentive and affectionate, I especially highlight Javier, for his patience, his friendliness and his best advice on treatments. Thanks team once again. See you soon.
Silvia Brandolin
Torroella de Montgrí
It is difficult to find in these very difficult moments in which our lives pass, a place where responsibility and professionalism are manifested in the care of its patients, good care from all the staff, my congratulations and this site is highly recommended, even the next.
Silvia Brandolin
Torroella de Montgrí
Excellent treatment and very good attention.
Some excellent professionals, very happy with my treatment and they are very cheap, highly recommended, and on top of that, the x-rays are free and they don't charge you like other places.
Soreia Aumar
Girona Migdia
They have a very good team and the dentist is very professional! I have been very delighted
Soufian Attour
I finished the orthodontic treatment, with excellent results. A 10!!!, for the team of dentists specialized in orthodontics and whenever I have had any doubt, query and/or problem they have solved it for me. I will continue going to Implantdent Figueres and I recommend it, thank you Javier for your attention!!!
Teresa Garcia Velilla
Torroella de Montgrí
My experience has been good.
The very professional treatment provided by very well-prepared young dentists and the price has been very affordable, I have left my mouth tidy and happy.
Toni Cifuentes
Perfect attention and very satisfied with the result
Toni Rodriguez Llovet
All very well, very attentive staff. Very close deal.
Trudy de Rooij
Super professional and very satisfied. Our son had completely knocked his teeth out of his mouth during a boat trip from a heavy blow to the deck of the boat. They helped us immediately, friendly, hygienic, service oriented and not expensive. Really great.
Girona Santa Eugènia
The first visit to the Clinic was for a Groupon voucher. The feeling and experience has been excellent. My idea for general cleaning but with the x-ray they have seen cavities plus a reconstruction. The doctor gave me the estimate. All a very easy explanation to understand, so for me it is important to invest every month to show off a healthy mouth and a smile. I have requested an appointment for the next month, both the doctor who did the cleaning, the doctor who gave me the budget, and the two receptionists.
For now I am very happy, until next time!
Verdiana Arrao
Torroella de Montgrí
Very fast service and a lot of kindness and efficiency in solving any problem! Highly recommended!
Yoana Braña Gonzalez
I have fixed all my mouths with them and I am truly delighted. I take this opportunity to leave my comment about the Implantdent clinic in Palamos, the team of wonderful professionals such as Dr. Rina Restrepo, Paola Duran, Carlos Ocaña, Lali as a secretary and many more. They are more than special both in the treatment, in the attention, as in the service and the work done, more than effective and precise, super pleased and grateful. Thank you very much for making us feel like family, thanks to you for helping to improve the quality of our oral health that is so important Thank you thousands thank you!!!

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