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At Implantdent we have the best dentists in Roses at the best price.

Enjoy our modern dental clinic in Roses. We offer you the latest technology and the best dentists in Roses for the complete treatment of your oral health needs.

The best professionals

We have an excellent team of professionals at your disposal to offer you the best service.

Complete treatments

We provide you with the latest technology for the complete treatment of your oral health needs.

Modern equipment

You will find the most modern dental technology to offer the best service, to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Complete dental services at the clinic in Roses

for any patient and any need


A clinic where you can carry out regular checks, dental cleaning, diagnoses and repairs. Adapted to your needs.


Our orthodontist is here to help patients get the best smiles available, with modern and discreet braces.


We offer a professional and complete service for the placement of all types of dental implants, personalized for each patient.


When decay progresses, the procedure consists of cleaning the interior of the roots to avoid infections and complications.


Our team of highly qualified doctors, with countless hours of experience, is here to offer you the best possible medical service.


Whether it is a small spot on the surface or a deep cavity, we can fix it in one session or a maximum of two for complicated cases.


Sedation facilitates more effective treatment for the most sensitive patients, usually young children or older people.


Our team of highly qualified doctors, with many hours of experience, is here to offer you the best radiology service possible.

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Highly trained professionals ready to offer the best treatment and give you a pleasant experience.

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    We are passionate about creating smiles.

    Amazing dentists and proven, advanced technology will make you take pride in your smile. Having the latest technology helps us improve your mouth at the best price. Modern cosmetic dentistry bases the most appropriate dental treatments on the current conditions of the patient's teeth or gums. Addressing concerns, seeking the desired results and adapting to the tightest budget.

    Do you have a dental emergency?

    If you suffer a situation of deep discomfort and pain, and you need immediate medical attention in Girona or Figueres, we always have a doctor in contact, ready to address these emergencies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think you are in an emergency situation.

    Dental implants in Roses

    If you have suffered tooth loss, our dental implants will allow you to fully recover your chewing function and oral aesthetics. Dental implants from €899.

    Orthodontics in Roses

    At Implantdent we offer you the best orthodontic techniques. Always with the best professionals and the latest technology. Orthodontics from 1.899 €.

    Yesterday I had 2 molars pulled out, I was dying of pain. And I am one of those people who are afraid of the dentist 😃.but when I arrived at the clinic everything changed the truth m treated very well. And the doctor is a crack and a professional.I have not felt anything at all.highly recommended. Thank you 👌😍

    Dania Trinitat

    At Implantdent Roses

    They have attended us very well, thank you very much for attending us in emergencies, very good and personal treatment! Very professional!

    Laura Cerezo

    At Implantdent Roses

    Everything was very good. I have been treated by a very nice doctor, I thought I could not save the tooth that hurt me so much and the doctor has solved it without having to remove it, very happy, I will be back!

    Jesús Jiménez

    At Implantdent Roses

    Professional treatment, attentive and very friendly staff. Good dental work, very satisfied with the result.

    Miquel Robles

    At Implantdent Roses

    Professional workers. Everything is perfect!

    Rafael Fonollosa

    At Implantdent Roses

    Very professional, very efficient and fast dentist and assistants. Very adequate fee.

    Corinne Bellanger

    At Implantdent Roses