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Orthodontics is a speciality of dentistry, which is based on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dentofacial irregularities or malocclusion.


This is the most widespread and best known type of orthodontics. Brackets are placed on the outer side of the tooth (the visible side). Each silver-coloured bracket is attached to the tooth on its surface without surrounding it. Their main advantage is their great versatility to solve any type of malocclusion. They are easy to clean, economical and affordable for most people. The disadvantage of this type of fixed orthodontics is that the aesthetics are not very favourable. They require strict controls (every 3 or 4 weeks). Orthodontics in Girona has the best prices at our clinic.


Aesthetic orthodontics consists of the use of ceramic braces (ceramic brackets) of a similar colour to the tooth or transparent, so that the use of orthodontic appliances is quite concealed, making them comfortable, pleasant and inconspicuous. In this way, orthodontic treatment is not an inconvenience to our image, going practically unnoticed. This method is ideal for adult patients as it combines effectiveness and aesthetics. There are two alternatives: tooth-coloured ceramic brackets and crystal sapphire brackets, which are completely transparent.


Invisalign orthodontics consists of a set of splints or aligners that are placed progressively, moving the teeth to the desired position. the teeth to the desired position. These splints apply forces to the teeth to vary their position, in the same way as a traditional bracket would. This is one of the most innovative orthodontic techniques in Girona: first, a mould is made of the patient's mouth in its initial state. This mould is sent to the head office. There, the patient's mouth is studied. The data obtained in this study are introduced into a computer, so that the teeth are progressively positioned in a virtual way until they reach the ideal situation they should occupy in the mouth.

Orthodonticsfor children

This is conventional orthodontics but adapted to children as you can choose the colours of the brackets. Choose your colours!

Dental implants

Dental implantssingle

A unitary implant is an artificial root made of titanium (biocompatible material) that is placed in the jawbone, allowing it to replace the lost tooth with great aesthetics and naturalness. They integrate perfectly with the bone and gum, giving an appearance and functionality like a natural tooth. Don't expect your teeth to shift. With dental implant treatments in Girona, one or more dental implants can be placed in the jawbone, facilitating the construction of fixed prostheses. The use of this modern surgical technique allows patients who have suffered tooth loss to fully recover their chewing function and oral aesthetics.


The removable denture is another type of dental implant supported denture but can be removed for cleaning in a similar way to your current denture. Unlike the current removable denture, this implant-supported denture is attached to dental implants and thus eliminates the need for denture adhesives. Our specialists will determine the most suitable treatment for dental implants in Girona.


If you are uncomfortable with your denture and denture adhesive is a nuisance, our fixed denture solution may be right for you. Fixed dentures are another form of denture supported by dental implants. Unlike today's removable denture, this denture is attached to dental implants and thus eliminates the need for denture adhesives. This fixed denture is a complete alternative to dentures, fitting 6 or 8 dental implants.

Dental aesthetics


These are thin sheets of porcelain, approximately 0.3-1 mm thick, which are placed over the entire anterior surface of the teeth. They are strongly bonded to the tooth by means of a special adhesive. The bond is so strong that once they are in place they cannot be removed unless the facet is broken. They are primarily used to mask tooth-coloured anomalies that cannot be treated by conventional bleaching. They are also used to disguise alterations in tooth size or shape, giving the tooth a more realistic and aesthetic appearance. Their main advantages are their adhesive power, resistance to abrasion and great aesthetic sensation.


Basically, there are two ways of prosthetic rehabilitation on implants: removable prostheses (to put in and take out), made of resin, which is a more economical option as it is a less sophisticated treatment (without teeth) and requires more maintenance. Fixed zirconium or metal-ceramic prostheses provide the highest level of aesthetics, comfort and functionality. At Implantdent Dental Clinic we offer both types of prostheses, but we recommend, whenever possible, the highest quality and aesthetic fixed prostheses. Wax-ups will be included in special coatings that are resistant to high temperatures, and the metal is cast with different alloys. The last step is to mount the ceramic on the metal frameworks, depending on the type of fixed prosthesis to be made (metal-ceramic or zirconium).


Gingivitisand periodontitis

Gingivitis is hardly apparent and is reversible when properly treated. It affects only the new tissues (gums). Its treatment consists of a process called "scaling". When gingivitis evolves to a more severe state it is called periodontitis, affecting the deep periodontal tissues, producing destruction of the periodontal bone and ligament, which are the tissues that support and hold the teeth. In this case, periodontal microsurgery is necessary. This consists of removing the coarse deposits located in the deep areas of the periodontal pockets, which can only be accessed by means of a small operation. With this treatment, favourable conditions are created to establish adequate oral hygiene measures and the gum is reattached to the teeth.



The colour of a tooth is determined, from birth, by the shade of the core of the tooth (dentine) and by the transparency and light refraction capacity of the enamel. The colour of the core is not altered, but over time the enamel becomes stained by colouring substances such as tobacco, lipstick, coffee, tea, tomatoes, etc. Consequently, tooth whitening consists of removing from the enamel, by means of chemical substances, all those particles that alter its original colour. Do not hesitate to look for the best dental aesthetics in Girona for your teeth.

Caries and endodontics


Caries is a disease characterised by the destruction of tooth tissues as a result of demineralisation caused by acids generated by bacterial plaque (calculus). Bacteria manufacture this acid from food debris left in the mouth. Dental deterioration is associated with the ingestion of sugars and acids contained in drinks and food, as well as with errors in hygiene techniques or lack of toothbrushing, for example. After the destruction of the enamel, bacteria attack the dentine and reach the dental pulp, causing inflammation and even necrosis (pulp death). If the tooth is not treated, it can subsequently lead to infection and inflammation of the area surrounding the apex (root end), producing apical periodontitis and possibly even causing a dental abscess that causes discomfort and discomfort. dental abscess that causes discomfort and a lot of pain. At Dental Implantdent, we are experts in the treatment of caries in Girona.


This treatment is known as "killing the nerve". It consists of the removal of the vascular-nerve bundle inside the tooth that is the cause of dental pain. Special instruments are used to clean the inside of the tooth, leaving it free of infection. Each tooth has a network of vessels that are distributed inside the tooth forming a network of canals. Endodontics aims to clean each canal and leave the tooth suitable (as sterile as possible) for its subsequent restoration. At Dental Implantdent we have the best specialists for the best endodontics in Girona. The restoration or rehabilitation of the endodontic tooth will depend on its degree of involvement: It is possible that the caries has only affected the external part of the enamel, then it will be sufficient with a filling / filling of the space left after the removal of the plaque. If the caries has affected the tooth or its roots to a great extent, it is advisable to rest the tooth artificially with crowns or ceramic inlays, as well as sticks inside the tooth for optimal support of the crown, among other techniques.

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